Boy Room Inspo

We just moved into our new house and so there are still a lot of projects to be done. One being finishing the boys rooms! There are some things I want to make sure I do when creating their room

1. Make sure it's a room that can grow with
2. Have it reflect their personality
3. Have an element of surprise in the room
4. Have it be something they will love and want to get involved in 

Christian will probably be the room we start on first. It will be a mixture of new and old, vintage and modern  design all rolled into one. One item I am VERY excited about getting is the dinosaur head mount for the wall. Im not sure what color I want yet but I think it will be a very cool piece in his room!

Where do you usually shop when you decorate? What are your favorite things to look for?

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BedIkea Bedding Rug, Round Pillow, Terrarium Box, T-Rex Head, LightShelf, Wire Basket, Dinosaur Head, Hooks, I Think I Can Print, I love You Light, Bulldog Plush, Lucky Boy Sunday Doll, Chair 


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