Bits and Pieces

Our new home! The boys are enjoying the big space in front and in back as well as inside the house!!!

I recently planted some flowers to add some color to the front! 

We have been having fun exploring the new places to see in our new town. This was taken by a nearby lake. The boys like to "explore" and pretend they were Indian Jones. HAHA

Taken via instagram! Print is coming!!! yay

Taken via  Instagram  One of my boys favorite snacks! Pita bread, jam, peanut butter and banana slices! 

 The never changing home! A good mixture of vintage, modern, thrifted and designer! 

It's been a very busy year for me and that would explain (but not excuse) the lack of blog posting. We recently bought our first home and also decided that it was time for Babiekins Magazine to jump on the print wagon! 2 major things in a very short time - I know...I may be a little crazy but Im really excited for the adventure.

I am enjoying decorating, rearranging and buying and thrifting new items for the house. 

Today I am patiently (ok, to tell you the truth I have refreshed the UPS website button about 50 times in the last minute) waiting for the UPS man who has the proof/blueline print issue. This is a copy of the magazine so you can go through it one last time and check for mistakes before they print off the gazillion copies you will sell. It's a bit surreal and scary at the same time! It's pretty exciting and Im sure I will post a teaser on Instagram (you can follow me at @babiekinsmag) once it's here!

What have you been up to this summer? Are you ready for your kids to go back to school? Excited for fall?

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