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Sometimes I wish I was a super mom like all these other moms I see around that can blog,clean house, run their own businesses and make fancy animal shaped lunches for their kids. The fact is that reality is probably not "real" for most. I'm lucky if I get a shower or get out of my pjs most of the time and you know what that's ok! I have felt awfully guilty for not updating this blog or even popping In to say hello but most of the time doing it honestly just feels like one more thing for me to do..... So I don't.

I am going to try to stay real on this blog, try to show you the real side of a mom turned editor, the chaotic reality of life which has it's fun side!

I won't sugar coat anything because I think there are plenty of moms out there that feel overwhelmed and I'm sure would feel more inspired to see real moms making their dream come true.

So lets do it! I hope that this blog which is going to turn more personal, real than the usual " oh this brand is cute" will be an inspiring reality to any mom that feels like they are exhausted a d tired of seeing the other blogs with the moms that can do it all.


Babiekins Issue 10

So excited to share with you! Issue 10 is live! 
Here are somethings I loved about it

This beautiful cover was taken by Lara Rossignol and styled by Shiffy Kagan who also happens to be the cover models mom. Make up Eric Barnard.

The colors and the quiet "tone" of the picture instantly calmed me so I knew it would be the perfect Fall cover.

Photo by Ross Bolger
This editorial is called "indoor rain" isn't it fantastic? You can see the other pictures in issue 10 but this one I just love. How genius is it to have the outside come in?

Another favorite from issue 10 is this awesome editorial by Nina Melton. I absolutely love Nina and when she told me she wanted to do another editorial I told her I wanted something a little different. More edgy, colorful but still fun. She blew me away!

Check out issue 10 here

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Scotch Shrunk Collection


One thing that always catches my eye as an editor is when a company can create a successful boys collection. Let's face it....there aren't as many options for boys as there are for girls so when a company can create a collection that is cool and wearable it is great. One company that does just that is Soda & Scotch who have a boys kids line called Scotch Shrunk. Its cool, fun and something I put on my boys regularly .

You can check them out here
They have a great video you can check out here

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Babiekins on Facebook


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